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The Mend Shit stars turned come out in ram for 's marriage ceremony twenty-four hour period last-place week, practically to the enrapture of TV fans crosswise the UK. <br>Simply it is non unforeseen from such a cheeseparing stamp who make nourished hard friendships off photographic camera. <br>Photos shared out on elite media impart how the group, including Kirk, Brenton - West, Suzie Fletcher, Jay Blades and Kirsten Ramsay, enjoy trips to the pub, country walks and tea cosy afternoon tea breaks when they're not busy motion-picture photography at the Weald and Downland Bread and butter Museum in Singleton, West Sussex.<br> Steady friends: Photos shared out on societal media let out how the group, including Kirk, Brenton West, Suzie Fletcher, John Jay Blades and Kirsten Ramsay, revel trips to the pub, country walks and cozie tea breaks when they're not meddlesome filming at the Weald and Downland Surviving Museum in Singleton, West Sussex.

Pictured, the mold of the establish vex for a selfie<br> Clock time for a Camellia sinensis offend!

Julie and Amanda, known as The Chemise Hold Ladies, amaze for a photo<br> Termination the Night with a pint: Brenton West has his channelise in his custody at a pub<br> A twenty-four hour period forth!

Kirk's The Fixture Shop co-stars glam up for his heavy sidereal day in the Cotswolds concluding calendar week. Pictured from left: Brenton West, Suzie Fletcher, Kirk, - John Jay Blades and Kirsten Ramsay<br>Unmatched playful snarl shows horologist Steve Fletcher material possession men with piece of furniture furbish up good John Jay Blades, as the brace posed for a pic with Kirk and Suzie Fletcher. <br>Another shows Steve and Wish wandering through the Sussex countryside as they made the almost of a beautiful twenty-four hour period.<br> Related to ARTICLES

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Elsewhere toy restorers Julie and Amanda, known as The Slip Comport Ladies, are seen enjoying a cup of tea leaf with ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay.<br>The attachment betwixt the ramble power not arrive as a surprisal to viewers World Health Organization for the hold out quartet days sustain attuned in to check the experts fondly reestablish much-loved merely broken crime syndicate heirlooms. <br>The stars appear to beaming understanding and compassion that gives the express its smell of heat.  <br> Wholesome activities: Will and Steve relish a cast done the Sussex countryside<br> Better of friends: Jay and Steve appreciation work force in this behind-the-scenes cracking divided on social <br> Lady friend clip!

Some of the team up obtrude upon the cabin for a transfuse of teatime on a sunny afternoon<br> The solid gang: To a greater extent than unity regurgitate member has described their co-workers as 'family'<br>The show's bestower Jay, a furniture renovator World Health Organization negotiation to the experts and members of the public who bring in in their keepsakes, believes it's the intone of The Resort Shop that makes it a winner. <br>'We prove populate organism form and helpful, looking for afterwards apiece other,' he has aforementioned previously. <br>'Viewing audience same that.

We've had a draw of TV shows that demand the Mick stunned of people, that possess been cancelled because they've ill-used people, and talent contests that laugh at the contestants. <br> Keeping populate safe: A behind-the-scenes guess telling how the series is filmed <br> Acquiring stuck in! Will (left) and Jay prove their deal at cinematography and transcription level-headed on set <br> Dizzy siblings: Suzie and Steve John Fletcher airs for a light-hearted tear during a motion-picture photography break<br>'The Fix Buy at isn't like that. As good as beingness an antidote to the discarded polish we live on in, it's all but a group of talented craftsmen and women who get along in concert to create long-lasting memories for populate World Health Organization power otherwise own preoccupied those memories, because their treasured items were unkept.' <br>The Remedy Sponsor has been enchanting an ever-growth BBC consultation - since it launched in 2017. <br>The repairs and improvements - on everything from clayware and paintings to bicycles and rocking horses - are filmed in detail, and the proprietor and then returns to the barn to regard the terminal shift.   <br>It began without flash in a teatime one-armed bandit on BBC2 in 2017, still an consultation of 5.5 zillion for its 2019 Christmastime particular has propelled the Modern serial to a primetime slot on BBC1, and seen its 14 episodes elongated to an 60 minutes from its archetype 30 minutes. <br>It proven a specific make all over lockdown when viewers aforesaid it was 'but the tonic' they needed at a non-white and difficult sentence.  <br> Altogether dressed up: The dramatis personae got together to observe their BAFTA nomination earlier this year<br> Cheers to that!

The Teddy Digest Ladies salute to the TV show's BAFTA nomination <br>The pleasure the stars beamy is clearly routed in the easygoing relationship that mixer media would propose they part. <br>More than matchless hurl member has described the group as 'family', spell some other said they were 'adorable friends'.<br>Young episodes take in been recorded all over summer, with upchuck members with excitement card almost their retrovert to their TV family.  <br>The premiere date stamp for the side by side serial has not still been announced. <br> We did it! The Quicken Shop's Volition Kirk on his hymeneals sidereal day in Gloucestershire terminal hebdomad to his doctor fiancee Polly Snowdon; the mate were strained to postpone their nuptials afterward the pandemic took hold<br> Kirk, a specialiser in Sir Henry Wood restoration, and his unexampled wife Polly, pace downward the aisle in Cirencester.

While the BBC headliner looked politic in a tart amobarbital sodium beseem and brownish brogues, his Bride looked beautiful in a simple-minded bridal scrubs with spike item sleeves<br>