Cod Fish Oil - The #1 Problem With many Cod Fish Liver Oil Supplements

If you have been taking cod fish - oil for it is omega 3 fatty acid advantages, then you may want to begin thinking about changing supplements.  This report discusses precisely why you should reconsider what you are taking and avoid cod fish liver oil all together.
In case you've arthritis, next you are able to really take advantage of taking this particular type of supplement.  The advantages serotonin essential mineral for the immune function of our body - visit this link - - relieving the cramps and pains that come with rheumatoid arthritis are well-known and remain strong.
although the majority of individuals are under the impression that there is a heap of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids in cod fish oil.  But in reality, there is considerably less in this particular kind of product afterward quality fish oil supplements.
The typical capsule of this kind of supplement just contain around 100mg of both DHA and EPA omega-3.  To get the recommended dosage of DHA and EPA, you would have to get around 4 of such capsules one day!
Plus, they have a tendency to have much more EPA omega-3 than DHA omega-3.  In terminology of bio-availability (the capability for the body to easily-absorb nutrients), pick there the become more DHA than EPA.  On top of this, the brain consists of 30 % DHA.
But that's not the primary problem with cod fish liver oil...
What you actually need to be mindful of is overdosing on vitamin A or perhaps Vitamin D.  Because of the excessive quantities of these vitamins in cod fish oil, you are able to easily review the strongly suggested dietary allowance of each, especially when you take it in liquid form.
In fact, women which are pregnant are recommended not to even take it all together because of it's high vitamin A levels.  They are also worried about the fact that you can find contaminants which are present in many brands.